My little treasure...

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  1. Finally I managed to take some pics of part of my bags. I don't have time to drag all of them out for the pics.:shame:

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  2. great collection! thanks for sharing!
  3. Oooh I love the Chanels, especially the reissue. Great collection, at least for the teaser bit that you've shown us ! ;)
  4. Beautiful Collection!
  5. Such a NICE variety! I really like the Paddington and the B-bag! Can't wait to see more!
  6. Love your collection. Thanks for sharing!
  7. love your collection too, especially the Balenciaga...what colour is that??love your Edith, i'm looking foreward to buying one!;)
  8. very nice i like it.
  9. Love your bags ... can't wait to see the rest!!
  10. Nice collection! Love all your Chanel's.
    How do you like the Edith?
  11. great collection!
  12. Very nice collection. I love the chanel!
  13. Lovely collection!
  14. Honest with you, I don't know why all the hype on Edith even though I myself bought it.LOL. Size wise, it is little bit too small for me or for my junkies...:P
  15. your chanels are beautiful.