My Little TPFer!! Come see...

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  1. Okay, I may get flak for this, but I got my little 3yr old girl a Mini Sac HL. Got it on Ebay from a fellow TPFer-I don't know if I'm allowed to post her name-am I mods? Anyway, I have been vocal about teens earning their own money to buy LV but shes 3 so that can't happen. It was there on Ebay and she will only use it when she's out with me, it won't go in with the other bags and play shoes she has. We are extremely close since her dad works long, late hours. We call each other "girlfriend" and shes a joy and a blessing and we went through alot to have her. So here she is with her first LV-if she wants more later on, she needs a parttime job!:love:

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  2. That's so cute, congrats to her! :nuts:
  3. No flak from me. She's a doll and you are a fun Mom! Wish I could say I had my first Vuitton when I was 3!
  4. that is adorable... I'm guilty, if I had a daughter I think I would do the same!
  5. So cute! What a lucky little girl!
  6. wow its the perfect size for her! i would do the same if i had a daughter! ive already been thinking about getting my son a louis backpack (but hes only 1 1/2 right now) lol also the mini looks like its in great condition!
  7. that is TOOO CUTE! she holds it so proud too! yay!
  8. Aww...she's adorable! Congrats to her!!
  9. I think it is great! I plan on getting my my little girl a pouchette when she is around that age!
  10. Awww how cute! And your daughter is a doll! So adorable.
  11. Congrats! Your daughter is adorable and I would do the same if I had a daughter!!
  12. that so cute...:yes:
  13. SO ADORABLE!!! planning to get one for my niece too.

  14. I'm officially dead -- I died from the cuteness of those pictures. OMG!! So freaking cute! I can't wait to have a DD so I can do the same thing. I'm actually keeping all my pochettes for my hypothetical DD that I am no danger of having anytime soon - lol. Do you do the mommy/Speedy and daughter/mini HL thing? That is to die for cute!
  15. omg tooooo cute!!