My little toys...

  1. I'm cube obsessed person, I know.Here is my growing collection:love: I'm in the mood to share it... virtually:biggrin: Share your loved ones :heart:

    Cubes.JPG LV.JPG
  2. Aww.. I love the hair cubes, they're adorable !

    Unfortunately, I don't have little LV accessories, one day ! ;)
  3. Super cute! The hair cubes are adorable! :biggrin:
  4. HOW CUTE!!!:love:
  5. Wow, I really :heart: your haircubes. It looks like you have all of them?
  6. aw they are all so adorable!!
  7. Super cute!
  8. i :love::love::love: the inlcusion bracelet and ring!!! i've been eyeing them on for a while now, but could never bring myself to order them.

    how much were they?
  9. The inclusion accessories are just beautiful :heart: I can't get over how pretty they are!
  10. How cute! :love:
  11. Gorgeous pictures! Love the inclusion bits.
  12. SUPER CUTE! What a great collection idea!
  13. they are just gorgeous !!!
  14. There will be Azure ones soon, I think I wouldn't be able to resist hanging them from my rearview mirror so I could see them everyday.
    They are so cute, what a fun think to collect!
  15. Those haircubes are too cute! The inclusion ring and bracelet are gorgeous.