My little Toby.

  1. A half hour into work today, I get a call from my dad saying "I have bad news." The same exact words I heard back in July of '06 when my 10 year old passed away.

    Toby got a hold of my dad's $5,500 hearing aids and completely chewed one apart. That's not the worst part of it all, they could not find the little battery! They searched all over the house and came to the conclusion that he swallowed it. :crybaby:

    I called and rescheduled my clients and left work imideatly. We took him to the emergency hospital and they did X Rays and found the battery in his tummy the doctor concluded that the battery is small enough to pass through without doing any harm. (hopefully) He gave us some medicine that will coat the lining of Toby's stomach and intestines so if incase the battery leaks or dissolves this medicine will give an extra coat to his insides.

    We need to keep a close eye on him incase he becomes lethargic or starts to vomit. He also had us get some canned pumpkin to mix with his food so it will give him more fiber and help him poo more efficiently and quickly. So far Toby's acting like normal...and not like a little energizer bunny. :s

    I was so scared i was going to loose another dog in less than a year! :sad:
    Im just glad it was not worse case scenario...
    Pray for my little guy to pass that stupid battery with no harm done.

    I attached some of his X Ray photos.

    Picture 039.jpg Picture 040.jpg
  2. Sorry to hear about what's happened. Will send some positive energy to you and Toby!
  3. That is a sad story, but I am glad he will be OK. I do have to admit posting pics of the X-Ray might just win the "best use of radiographic films on tPF". Too funny. What kind of dog is he?
  4. lol. And the winner is...


    He's a little 7 month old Pug.
    You can see a photo of him i posted a little while back titled "Meet Toby".
  5. I hope all goes well with Toby and he passes the battery without incident.
  6. Oh yes, now I remember Toby. What a cutie. Is he going to work off the cost of his little caper?
  7. He should! But no...luckily i got VPI Pet Insurance for him since day one.
    So i just need to fax the claim to them and wait for my money.:yes:
  8. Poor bby! Hopefully it will pass and quickly!!
  9. oh no. im sorry to hear that.. :sad: I hope Toby will pass the battery out quickly. :yes:
  10. Prayers going out to Toby for quick and safe passage of the battery!
  11. i hope little toby is okay *hugs*
  12. Poor little thing! I hope he passes the battery quickly and without harm.
  13. Silly little Toby :smile: No worries, the battery will come out sooner than you know. Hope he feels better soon! Keep us posted.
  14. Poor baby! My cat Jamie did something similar as a kitten, and I know how worrying it is. Hopefully everything will be okay.
  15. Poor Toby!!! I hope everything is okay!!! Be sure to let us know!

    My husband LOVED the x-ray photos--he's a doctor, and he has only been able to see "human" x-rays, poor guy! He seems very confident that Toby will be able to pass that little battery!

    Hugs to Toby!