My little TJMaxx Finds...

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  1. I got there right after lunch and almost everything was gone~or maybe we just didn't get that much. I did see one lady buying a Bleecker Flap and she had a few more bags in her cart also. I also saw a small Ergo hobo, the Hamptons bag with the purple stripe in the front (someone here bought that same style), lots of little Chelseas, one swingpack, and a few pouches. My store never gets anything really good like some of the others I hear about on here. I was surprised we got this much! I over heard one SA say that they did NOT get any wallets, but they had gotten a few key fobs! So I headed straight over. They had 4 all together(2 of each style). I bought all 4! I have never seen Key fobs at our store~ and for $9.99 each i could not pass them up, so I got them all~2 for me and 2 for gifts.

    So I got the Breast Cancer one & the Meadow Mix:yahoo:.
  2. I am loving all of these awsome TJ Maxx finds! Your fobs are adorable!
  3. How upsetting! None of the TJ's near sell any good Coach stuff! I'm so jealous. Those are cute!
  4. So cute! Congrats!
  5. I was gonna go today to mine to check it out but I fell asleep :shame:, is closed now.
  6. Love those fobs!
  7. Very nice! I very seldom see keyfobs at mine, but I always look and dig in the bottom of the racks. I think that is where they get hidden.
  8. OMG 9.99?!! That is stellar!! I love that meadow mix i would have definitely snatched one up as well! :love:
  9. Can't beat 9.99!!! Way to go!
  10. Thats awesome!!! Congrats!
  11. the pink one is cute!
  12. Awesome! Where did you find these? Were they in the jewlery case or somewhere else in the store. I wanna know where to look when I go tomorrow.