my little tiny collection

  1. hey i'm new teh new guy here ehe :biggrin: I shall confess -- im not a big bag person. :amazed: But I do have a little collection I'd like to show. I'm not really looking for any bags now well except this Dior Homme bag in eluxury :nuts:
    1. Louis Vuitton
    2. Hermes

    The only non handmidown (think i spelle dit wrong :suspiciou ) is the olav pm. Sorry for the blurry pic of the Hermes bag. I use that for piano :biggrin:
    showcase1.jpg showcase2.jpg
  2. The green epi cles is adorable !!

    Welcome ! ;)
  3. Very nice! Thank you for sharing!!!
  4. Welcome!!!
    Beautiful items
  5. Very nice collection. Welcome to the board!
  6. aha thanks :amuse: i also have a black epi folder thing..i just need to find it :weird:
  7. Very nice! :smile:
  8. nice collection! totally loving the epi green!!!!
  9. Nice bags!
  10. Nice collection!
  11. Beautiful stuff!
  12. I like the grean cles too ...
    great pieces
  13. like the others said the green is adorable! Nice collection, thanx for sharing.
  14. nice collection.
  15. Nice collection, thanks for sharing!