My little story...

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  1. Let's face it a Chanel bag is the top of any girl/womans dreams !!
    The classic styles and the elegance it brings to any outfit !:biggrin:

    I am lucky to own a range of designer bags :yahoo:Versace, Gucci,LV,Guess
    But something was missing and that was a Chanel bag!:nuts:

    I turned 18 this year and was gifted a romantic weekend for me and my boyfriend to Paris, from my dad :smile: .. But still i kept visiting this forum trying to find second hand Chanel bags, because i didn't want to ask for anything else after Paris... I told my dad a few times about the price ranges of a Chanel bag and he looked at me as if i was stupid !

    So i just let my dream of owning a Chanel bag go to the back of my mind !... So this September we went to Florida, and ofcourse ended up visiting the Mall at Millenia. The first place i went for was the Chanel Shop.. My eyes lit up looking around the shop as i seen a range of bags i loved.... I came back out quite upset thinking i would leave that shop without nothing... :sad: Little did i know my dad had always planned on buying me a Chanel bag but he kept it a suprise till the very last minute so i would appreciate the bag more and be suprised! .... I WAS SOO HAPPY !

    I have already revealed my Black Pst ! - but i thought i would show you all a little action shot just before a bit of shopping in the U.K :smile:

    I really look up to all of you who own Chanel bags and have such good taste ! you are all really kind ! :smile: and i am happy to be a part of this forum ! - I also look forward to making a little Chanel family woooo !!!!

    !:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Pictures soon ! - I would LOVE to hear about your first Chanel bags !
  2. First of all a very bad quality picture of Paris on my 18th birthday- sorry guys!
  3. My new pst !! [​IMG]
  4. Ta daa !! Me and my pst happily ever after .. Please post your stories regarding your first Chanel !!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. :d
  7. Cute Indiarobyn, she's fab on you!
  8. congratulations!! what a lovely story :smile:
  9. congratulations! what a great father you have! :woohoo:

    the pst looks great on you! and i like you iPhone cover :graucho:
  10. congrats on your PST, beautiful.
  11. Thanks everyone ! :smile: im glad you all think it looks nice on me !
    Hopefuly my story will continue .... would you suggest a mini/small/medium flap ?

  12. Beautiful! Such a classic!
  13. Beautiful! Your dad is so nice!
  14. I am very lucky to have such a nice dad :smile:
    He has worked so hard all his life and he never buys anything for himself
    He has three daughters including me (being the youngest ) so as you can imagine we are quite expensive haha !

  15. congrats :biggrin: