My little stam is here....BUT....

  1. I SERIOUSLY have some bad MJ bag karma :sad: !

    I just got back from the post office with the little stam. It's gorgeous and I will post pictures later because my digital camera is out of juice.

    HOWEVER, the kisslocks don't close fully! It wasn't mentioned in the auction, although now examining the auction thread picture, I can see it! I don't know what to do! I really love the bag, but clearly Marc Jacobs won't "repair" it since I didn't purchase it from the store.

    What should I do???? Should I return it to the seller? Should I try to fix it myself with pliers or something?

    I'm so annoyed that my MJ karma has been really, really bad lately.
  2. Depends on how bad it is. I need to see it. Is it the one without the little nob on it?
  3. Yeah...the old kisslock.

    I feel like I should at least write an e-mail to the seller and tell her about my dissatisfaction. It wasn't mentioned at all in the body of the auction and it didn't even register to me to look at the kisslock that closely in the picture.

    I'll try to post pics in a few...
  4. Maybe see if the seller will reimburse some money to get someone to fix it?
  5. SuLi, sorry to hear that it wasn't perfect. Will wait for your pictures.
    A professional leather/shoe store should be able to fix it for you?
  6. Rats!!! Figures there would be a snafu, doesn't it? Careful with those pliers though, SuLi!!!!!! Metal breaks very easily when you bend it, and if it broke, forget it. Besides, it would be nearly impossible to get the tension just right. Someone may have attempted to bend it already. Please get professional help!

    As far as the eBay seller, I doubt they will easily refund if the problem is visible in the photo...the old "what you see is what you get", you know?
  7. Okay are some pictures...a lot of pictures in all different angles.

    First, does it look authentic? I think it does, but then again, I am really unfamiliar with Fall 05 Stams.

    Second, am I being unreasonable about the gap?

    Picture 050.jpg Picture 051.jpg Picture 059.jpg Picture 055.jpg Picture 053.jpg Picture 056.jpg Picture 057.jpg Picture 058.jpg
  8. I have read that people who had the same problem with the large stam took it to a cobbler and they put it is some sort of vice to adjust it. Good luck!
  9. It might not hurt to ask an MJ store, perhaps they can send it out to get fixed for a small fee?

    I wouldn't try to fix it myself.

    But you did determine it's authentic? Everything looks and feels ok? It looks pretty good IMO.

    anyway, congratulations! (???)
  10. I tried on this exact bag when it came out, and it looks like the real McCoy in the photos. The gap really isn't too terribly obvious (plus, we're all specifically gawking at it)...main thing is, does it pop open when you wear it? That was a common problem with the older stams...the lock popping open when the bag hangs by the chain...
  11. Okay...I am bringing my 2005 little stam out of iits cozy duster and I will look at it, it did open at Saks once and the SA came to tell me my bag was open, let me look!!yes, my 100% authentic 2005 little stam has a small gap on the right hand side as you are looking at it straight on, it is definitely more open on the right side than on the left., I have used it a lot and only once did it open on me after putting a wallet back in it.
  12. Sorry to hear that, SuLi. I don't know if you remember but I had ordered a taupe stam from Saks and it arrived scratched and damaged. I returned it and the follow-up I received was that the bag was scratched when it was sent in for the kiss-lock repair so it wouldn't come loose, as that's a common problem with stam kiss-locks which you are familiar with. Anyway, the taupe stam I received, which was AFTER it had been repaired, looks just like yours, slightly ajar. But it didn't pop open after closing so I guess the repair worked. If you think the gap will annoy you every time you look at it, then you should return it if possible.
  13. If it doesn't pop open I wouldn't care.
  14. I tried putting a few things in wallet, keys, and blackberry. I find that I have to keep the zipper side of the bag toward my body so that it doesn't gap so much. It's because the loops of the chain handles for 05 stams are on the same side versus opposite. The weight of the things in the bag, which is not a lot, make it gap wider (don't know if that makes any sense).

    I asked the seller about the return and she said that she was willing to take it back, or give me some money in return (although she did not mention how much).

    If I decide to keep it, how much so I ask for? I'm even sure how much repairs would cost. I guess I should call around.

    BUT, the bag looks authentic, right? I don't want to go thru the trouble for it turning out to be a VERY good fake.
  15. What are the zippers and nameplate like?