My "little something" is HERE!

  1. First off, let me just thank everyone who posted to my 32cm HAC questions because without you, I don't know if I'd be looking at this beauty today! And also BIG thanks to Hermeslady for her patience while I debated and for selling her to me....:flowers:

    It's not often that I'm rendered speachless....but such is the case now. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Now.....what's her name, guys????
    HACbox.jpg HAC.jpg HAC&me.jpg
  2. Shopmom, a "little something" is a key chain, credit card holder, scarf, etc. Come on now. Hehe. BTW, is that black box with ruthenium?
  3. betcha!!!! :graucho:
  4. Veddy, veddy niiiiiiiiiiccce! And that comes from an officially diagnosed black box addict.
  5. Shopmom, you are killing me! Shopmom you are the owner, correct? I just want to make sure I am reading this correctly. I am getting older every week that you get a new bag!!!! Yes, every week!


  6. Wow, so stunning shopmom! Congrats!
  7. Thank you, Hermesgroupie....I think she's so pretty....:love: And I LOVE that Ruthenium hardware! It's stunnning IRL....I'd never seen it before!
  8. Ooops! I think I posted at the same time as everyone else! Thank you one and ALL for your comments!!!! Thank you.....yes, she's mine at last.....
  9. Beautiful bag shopmom. :flowers: I am becoming a fan of box leather. By the way, you might want to watermark those photos. I can just see them ending up on eBay...especially after that happened with the photos of the kelly!
  10. Wow. I am very happy and excited for you!!! You should change the title of this thread. As hermesgroupie said 'little something' is like key chain, scarf, pocket square...etc. I saw box HAC when I clicked on your thread, and I was so shock and could not breathe!!! So, stunning!!! If you want to prevent from someone getting a heart attack, please change your title...hehe:lol: :lol: :graucho:
  11. Wow - GORGEOUS! Is this baby vintage? It's beautiful! Congrats on your extremely lovely new purchase!

    Oh - and LOVE the black box!!!
  12. Give us the list with the names of your other bags again...

    But, I think Madame (literally "my lady") sounds appealing.

    Had to edit to add:

  13. Shopmom, you sure live up to your ID!
  14. You look Fantastic with your box HAC! I really love the look you have.

    I haven't kept track of how many bags but I think you have.... alot? :P

    Time for a new family portrait!
  15. RE: names. How about "Lady" something or other?
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