my little something from SCP meet (pics)


over the moon
Aug 8, 2007
^yeah, it's only designed for 4 keys max i think.

and i plan to use it for both my house keys & car keys. i don't have many keys, only 3: mailbox, house key, car key. i don't have any office keys, i work in cubicle-land (you know, like Dilbert) so i don't have a "real" office.

the cool thing is though these DO fit the big car keys inside. it's kinda tough to get them on the hook, but they do fit and i don't think they're that bulky.

it's funny i thought i'd never use something like this (a key-holder) but now i feel like i have to use one. i don't like the idea of my keys scratching or dirtying anything else in my bag. also it makes it easier to find the keys in my purse.

and thanks everyone for such sweet comments! :smile:
Oct 18, 2007
~Thanks *sweetneet* for your kind words, my dad is improving:yes:. I'm sorry for not being able to meet up w/ you guys. Hopefully, I can make it to the Beverly meet. Did you do a group pics with all new purchases? Congrats on your new keychain, you're branching out and your collection is growing rapidly:girlsigh:~