My little something blue!

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  1. I came home from school this afternoon and was so excited to find a FedEx box on the dining room table! :nuts: It took only 3 days to arrive from Chanel in Hawaii.

    Thanks to jeshika, who was so sweet in helping me locate it. :heart:


  2. Gorgeous!!!! I :heart: the Camelia flower pattern throughout. Congrats!!
  3. Here is a picture of the back for reference. :smile:


    I gave the ribbon to Chanel Cat (she is feeling a bit sleepy currently)

    4-2-2008-cc 009.jpg 4-2-2008-chanelcat.JPG
  4. did chanel send you a kitty too? LOL kidding... i love that your kitty has a chanel ribbon around the neck! so cute!
  5. wow..THAT IS SOOOOOO PRETTY!Love it and love the color!
  6. That is so beautiful I actually gasped when I saw the picture. Such a good find!
  7. I like the embossed pattern too, and the color is so soft and pretty too :yes:.
  8. Thank you shopping, Jill and Irishgal! :flowers: I love her. :heart:The SA packaged it so carefully too, I highly recommend Anna at Chanel Hawaii.

    Last picture (for color comparison) - "Mama" blue and "baby" blue

  9. OMG that blue fonce caviar! I love it!
  10. that is a yummy blue combination!!! whoo hoo!
  11. oh that's just gorgeous!!!:drool:
    :tender:Please add it to the Reference Library, there can't possibly be much if anything in that color there!
  12. Oh so cute. Enjoy your camelia card case.
  13. Loves!
  14. Love it!!! Congrats!!
  15. I love it, she's so cute & 1st sight, i tot it looks grey to me! After seein the last pic, it looks light blue to me now...LOLL

    Great choice, Congrats!!