My Little PIX!

  1. Here's an updated version of my Collection...enjoy...I don't think I have a problem when I got my first piece at 15 *2 years ago* and I still don't think I do...but there's still time to grow...

    Anyways...enjoy! * I'll start from first to last...



  2. nice collection~~ love the perfo cles!!!!
  3. Love your keyholder, it's just got a bit of subtle shimmer to it ! :biggrin:
  4. u have a good collection starting there.. and yeah, u r still young so more accessories to acquire.. hehe (gosh I am such an enabler.. lol)
  5. Nice collection, thanks for sharing.
  6. i love your cles and the vernic piece!
  7. Thanks Everyone!!
  8. Ahhhh... I love it all... is that the billfold you have your initials heat stamped above the other heat stamp?
  9. I love your little epi bag.:yes: I want one!
  10. Very nice collection!
  11. nice collection, like the epi pochette

  12. Hey John,
    yeah that's the Billfold with the stamping and the Mat Multicles...


    and since the pictures I've removed the Cles on my Cles...I've never used it, and my Ipod always gets scratched somehow... soo..

  13. Do you mind if I get my billfold heat stamped in the same place as yours? I REALLY REALLY like it. :biggrin:

    ...and I'm guessing that's an iPod Nano inside your Green Perforated Cles?
  14. ^^^

    Of course you can...and yup a Nano...
  15. You have a nice collection:yes: