My little Sale item!

  1. Go this Gucci belt online at NM!


  2. Congrats! Simple yet stylish!
  3. nice belt....good job! :woohoo:
  4. very pretty :biggrin:!
  5. Great belt! Congrats!
  6. May I ask how much?
  7. :tup: Its very pretty. The script "Gucci" gives it a very modern look! Enjoy.
  8. Thanks ladies... I got it for $177
  9. nice belt:nuts:!
    and what a lovely price!!

    reminds me I need a brown belt too:p.
  10. you got a good deal for a gucci belt....simple but chic...congrats;)
  11. Congrats!!! Love It
  12. Congratulations.
  13. moddddddddddeling pics!!

    hehe u wanna know something sad/ while i was at gucci today there was this girl that was shopping aslo and i kept thinking, could it be noegirl?? could it beeee....should i go say hiiiiiiiiiii Noegirlll!!

    but if its not he would she think im a freak? propbably hahaa so i had to decide against it hehe :smile:
  14. ^^^ LOL... hmm not me but here is a pic of me so you will know lol

  15. ^^ what a beautiful pic of you and your daughter!!!!

    Great belt and what a deal too!