My little reveal from Shepton Mallet

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  1. So, I did buy something little yesterday but not for me!:graucho:

    I bought a Rooster keyring for my sister's birthday because she keeps Chickens!

    I bought myself a can of Collonil but the main purchase was .............

    a little bag for my daughter, Victoria (aged 10). She was beside herself when we gave it to her last night:yahoo:

    Although I don't really believe in young girls having designer things, she has been remarkable recently. She's quite a shy thing (although she seems to be okay doing Dancing Shows on stage!) but she had a talking part in a school play recently, she took her first Cornet Exam on Monday (which she was particularly nervous about she was in tears just before she went in, I'm surprised she could play!) and she has some Ballet Exams on Sunday.

    Anyway, here she is with her own reveal (she's very excited to be on the forum too!).

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  2. Well hello Victoria and welcome to you!

    The bag is really pretty, you model it so well, and I love your whole outfit. Very sylish :biggrin:
  3. ^^ She had to change for me to take the photo - you should have seen her before!

    She's goes from girly and chic one minute to Skulls, Goth and down right messy the next!!!

    Don't ya think she looks like her dad?
  4. She really does! I didn't want to say in case I caused offence. Think I would have been mortified to be compared to my dad at that age :lol:
  5. She likes it as long as she doesn't inherit the hairy chest!! hahahaha
  6. That is a really cute bag and suits her. What a lovely looking young lady, you must be very proud Ali.
  7. Let's hope she's happy with just the one??
    It's perfect for her!
  8. Thanks Bexiboo, yes we are proud, but she has her moments! haha

    Her and her brother couldn't be more different - in fact, there will be a photo of him soon modelling one of my bags because he's just had a fit as to why he couldn't have his photo on my 'bag thing'!

    I'm just off to take it now - the little monster!

    Rachiem - she's got her eye on my LV Speedy at the moment although she quite likes my Lipstick Tote too but thankfully that's too big for her.
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    Ah bless her!!! Ali- you've started something now you realise!!!

    Victoria - you look fab modelling your new bag!!!
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    Right, sorry about this but here is Austin (Ozzy), he didn't want to hold a bag because it was 'woosy' so he's got Sara Seahorse (he named it).

    Now he's happy that he's on my 'bag thing' too - he's gone away and left me to get on with it!

    I think you'll agree "cheeky little bugger" comes to mind!

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  11. He looks *so* pleased with himself, bless him.
  12. You have beautiful children!!!! I am willing to bet money that it won't be long before Victoria wants more Mulberry!!!
  13. I think hubby will be cursing soon because she likes to see all the new bags on here too so she'll be wanting to join the forum soon too!!!
  14. haha- your son looks a right cheeky lad!!! Is he the same age as my twins? (7.5yrs) I'm guessing from the missing top teeth he will be!
  15. Two gorgeous children-congratulations:biggrin: and well done to Victoria on her new bag-may it be the first of many:nuts: