My little reveal first Hermes ever

  1. image-2087165634.jpg

    My DH came back from Monaco and brought me the sweetest gift :smile: so happy
    Cause its my first Hermès ever!!!
    He's my Trick Im his Track hihihihi
    Here's my TRIC TRAC CHOKER
  2. image-607813038.jpg

    A little peak ;)
  3. Open the box and show us!!
  4. image-2680053563.jpg

    Here is my baby ready to go out of the Boxxxxx
  5. image-3356203991.jpg

    Sweet and Simple the way we are The way I like
    Bounded together forever (i think i can say that after 16 years now hihihihi) :heart:
  6. And here it is where it should be!!! :smile:

    Thank you baby :heart: it and gonna wear it with pride ;)


    Now I've been bitten by Hermès Bug :smile:
    Thanks everybody for letting me share and spread the Love xxx
  7. Cute gift! Congrats!
  8. :cloud9::ty::ty:
  9. Wow, it looks amazing on you! :smile:
  10. Thank you so much :smile:
  11. Looks beautiful on you! What a thoughtful gift...
  12. Congrats!!:yahoo:
  13. :hbeat::cloud9::ty:
  14. yeahhh thank you Soooo Happy with it:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  15. How sweet! Congrats :smile: