My little reveal and my annoying SA story

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  1. Hi Ladies here's my instant reveal first
    My little cosmetic bag in the DE pattern made in France!

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  2. LOVE!!!!! Just got mine 2 weeks ago:smile: Congratulations!!!
  3. Gorgeous! Congrats!

    So what happened?
  4. Okay so here is the story
    went to LV at Crystals, had a very sweet asian girl SA who helped me find the cosmetic bag in the PM size. She didn't up sell me to the GM or try to sell me the lovely Empriente cosmetic bag even though I could have gone for it, she just got me what she thought was practical and I loved that! She also gave me some info on the Empreinte Lumi I've had on my Wishlist, though I haven't bought it yet I really appreciated it.

    Anyways it was the SA that was the cashier that really annoyed me.
    I was carrying my Cavier Chanel GST with the Gold hardware. It is relatively new because I only used it a few times and I bought it like 1.5 years ago. Anyways, she looks at my bag, and spoke in Chinese since she knew I was --- Have you had that bag for long, how much is it?

    OMG, who ask a stranger how much a bag is especially when the bag is something you don't sell!

    So I came back with a "well - It was $2900 and unlike your company, Chanel doesn't have mutliple price increases a year, this bag is still $2900, so I don't know what is up with your company!"

    She smiled nervously and that was it.

    But was that just rude?

    Oh and the sweet SA I had, she brings me out the cosmetic bag without a box, and I said "I want a box" and she said "oh it usually doesn't come with one" ...ummm all my purchases and I've bought a lot come with a box! So she went and got me one and boxed it then said "oh you shouldn't keep it in box though". Okay I know not to do that, I just like to hoard the boxes!

    Anyways my long story. Any thoughts?
  5. Your too sensitive... I wouldn't have been offended..
  6. Well, I guess it was a little inappropriate but I really don't think she meant to be rude. The box thing depends on the SA. My store knows me so they know that I want all of my items in boxes. I have been to stores that have put my purchase in it's dustbag and then in the brown bag. I just told them that I wanted it boxed and they did it. Try to overlook all of that and enjoy your beautiful new purchase:smile:
  7. Am I missing something? I don't see what was so offensive.

    Enjoy your bag!
  8. I don't understand it too. I think she just liked your bag :smile:
  9. I on the contrary think it is quite rude. Was in Melbourne recently and in Versace an italian SA heard me speaking italian and asked me and quote "Why didn't i buy a Versace bag that was on sale when LV are disgusting and crap quality" I was kind of shocked. A) You sell Versace - You should be selling me Versace.... NOT craping on another brand.... and 2) You shouldn't even ask about what other brands you own.... Its highly rude. If someone was in a restaurant and asked you how much you payed for your bag while serving you your bread. You would find it offensive.

    My SA's at Gucci and LV know i buy other brands and KNOW how much they cost. These SA's ask because they want to tell you of for not buying their product and also they want to sell you their 3 grand bag that is probably no where near your style.

    BUT long story short. I do think its offensive to ask about a mother brand and ask in a rude tone. Professionalism in the Work Force has slipped so much in the past 5 years. Its quite sad
  10. Don´t really see why that was such a big deal. YOUR respons on the other hand was way more rude. Just my two cents.
  11. I don't think it was rude at all. She purposely didn't ask in English so most people around didn't know what she was asking. And as an SA at LV, she probably doesn't know that much about Chanel. It would be rude if she was just some random lady on the street.

    And I don't know much about Chanel, but I'm almost certain the have price increases. Maybe not as frequently as LV, but when they do, they are BIG increases.

    Enjoy your cosmetic case!
  12. I agree that the SA in your situation was rude but this was different. You're right about professionalism also! I think she was admiring the bag and was curious.
  13. Congrats on your purchase, it is lovely.
    I think the fact that she addressed you in another language to ask the question was wrong and I think that asking the question at all was probably not the best choice of judgement. If she was interested, she could have asked how you liked it, etc. I would not have been impressive with her

  14. Very cute and practical! Congrats and enjoy!!
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    I think it is the Chinese Cantonese she was using, the tone, and the demeanor which I did not describe that annoyed me. I guess you have to be Chinese to find it a bit offensive. She didn't sound like she liked it at all, in fact it almost sounded accusatory like "oh how old is that bag" --- not asking nicely - so I think she thought it was an old bag because she's not familar with Chanel, and she asked price then added "oh wow, that much for that bag!" sorry I left out those details. She was harsh in the way she asked me, so I fired back in a joking way about their price increase, and that stopped her from going on with being harsh and rude. I honestly think she would have kept carrying on if I didn't say something. My mother says that is typical behavior from someone who is native and she probably doesn't think she's rude, and that she probably only does that to Chinese customers. By the way I am not a native speaker, I was born in the USA, so I think that sorta stopped her too because I told her this at the end, and she stopped.

    I normally don't get offended by people asking me, but she rubbed me the wrong way. Guess you needed to be there.

    GST went up $300 2 years ago, and another increase sometime this year. Yes big increases, but less frequent, so gives people more time to buy unlike LV.