my little rescue baby, sam!


Sep 9, 2006
i just wanted to share pics of my dog sam. she's a german shepard/border collie mix and i've had her for a year now. we both got her from the brooklyn animal care and control when she was about a year old.

here's a little background story: she was found wandering in the graveyard where she had apparently been abandoned. she was caught and brought to the pound. three days later we adopted her. she hadn't been abused as far as we could tell, but she had definitely been neglected. she was not socialized properly and was afraid of everything. we couldn't walk her for the first three weeks because she would lay down in the middle of the sidewalk and refuse to move. my boyfriend would eventually have to pick her up and carry her back home. we took her to the dog park and she would hide under the benches and refuse to come out. she also would not eat in front of us and only eat at night or when we were away during the daytime. sam never moved when we were at home. she would lay in her bed in the corner, and look generally disinterested in life. she constantly had her tail in between her legs. it was so sad and frustrating. we thought we would never be able to rehabilitate her.

lo and behold, around the ninth month, something in her just snapped and she began to trust us more. she wags her tail all the time now. we've finally been able to teach her to eat at her bowl. she loves the dog park. other dogs still make her skittish and she's still shy, but a vast improvement from when we initially got her. she barks, she jumps, and one of the best things is she gets so happy when we come home. the jumping, the tail's such a great feeling. she doesn't know how to play with toys. we're working on teaching her how to fetch right now. if anyone has any tips they could share, i'd greatly appreciate it. :flowers:

her "birthday" was last week. we celebrate it on the day we adopted her. she got a little doggie cake. she loves her cake! anyway, please excuse the condition of her bed right now. she's shedding and her fur has invaded every inch of my apartment. i have to wash it tomorrow. i just bought the furminator, so hopefully that helps!




Apr 30, 2006
Wonderful story! She is beautiful. You are lucky to have found one another. Happy birthday to you all.

Hope the furminator helps. Don't comb too long or there will be skin irritation.