My Little Red Corvette

  1. *sings* "I'm gonna try to tame this little red love machine"
    Hot DAWG this girl's gorgeous. 35cm Rouge Grance Birkin in Clemence. Thanks to my fabulous SA in Chicago, she's all mine! I've been saving for awhile and didn't think it would happen as Chicago just doesn't get the supply that NYC gets and I just cannot bring myself to pay the premiums on ebay. :sad:

    I came home from shopping on Saturday to this message on my answering machine, "Elana, I've got something INCREDIBLE that you've been wanting. Call me ASAP." I immediately called her and she said that she was holding her breath all day that no one would buy it because she couldn't hold it. I bought it site unseen over the phone and they sent it next day. How awesome is that??!!
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :wlae:
    PS. My little photographer insisted on being in one of the pictures. LOL
    hermesrouge2.jpg hermesrouge1.jpg Hermesbags23.jpg
  2. HOLY THUNDERING JESUS! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: What a week for you, Elana!!!! That is one GORGEOUS bag!!!!!!! :wlae: :wlae:

    I am ON THE FLOOR in the face of your family foto.....your bags make a very, very beautiful portrait!

    Here's a big glass of the bubbly in congratulations and may you wear each one well and often!!!!:love:
  3. holy shmoly!!!
  4. And may I add that your sweet little photographer is adorable and very, very photogenic!!!!
  5. Your daughter is adorable and your "little red corvette" is gorgeous! :love: I love all shades of rouge! :girlsigh:

    Your SA sounds wonderful!
  6. Beautiful bag Elana! :love:

    And I have to admit, my DD has that same Oilily top from this summer and those exact Crocs! LOVE IT!
  7. oh, and what shopmom said, yeah, ditto that.
  8. beautiful bag!!!!!! It's raining rouge garance!!!!

    I love it and it's so striking with your outfit!!! Definitely a head turner. Champagne toast to you!!!

    Your little photographer is so adorable.
  9. OMG!!! CONGRATS!!! wow, that is awesome. 2 BEAUTIFUL & VERY COVETED bags within days!!! btw: ur daughter is very cute!!
  10. Thanks :love:

    :lol: We love Oilily in this house. I had thought I avoided the whole Crocs trend and than my dad brought both of my girls home with matching crocs. lol.
  11. that's one HOT bag!!! the red just pops!! and your DD is super cute, congrats on 2 WONDERFUL bags!! i'm sure you're ecstatic
  12. I'm telling you E--it's bag karma!!! You found me my red bag, and now, you have's incredible! The Rouge Garance is amazing! CONGRATULATIONS! Seriously, it's raining bags!
  13. OH MY!!!!! That is the bag I am holding out for.
    It is truly a beauty.
    Your little photographer is so adorable.
  14. Speaking of your bag, has it arrived? Can you point me to the pictures? I'm dying to see it.
  15. That is one hot bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: :nuts: :heart:

    Ur girl is such a cutie, adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flowers:

    P.S. i have the same croc as ur girl's :upsidedown: