My little ray of sunshine..

  1. She's here!! My 35 Natural Sable in Fjord :yahoo: I :love: the color!! The perfect neutral.. it has a more yellow undertone than gold.. the second pic is a better representation of the color..
    natural2.JPG natural3.JPG
  2. So pretty! You must be thrilled!! Enjoy her!
  3. It's beautifu! Congrats
  4. Congratulations, Wafaya! She's a beauty!!!
  5. very lovely!!!

  6. Just lovely! CONGRATS!
  7. gorgeous@@@!!!!!! and fjord is such a rich luxurious leather!
  8. Gorgeous, congrats!
  9. Nice neutral color - enjoy!
  10. WOW *wiping drool off the keyboard*, STUNNING!!!! Wear her in good health!
  11. wear her in good health - so happy for you!
  12. Thanx alot everyone!!! It really is a classic elegant color and the leather isn't as stiff as i thought it was going to be... luxurious the only word to describe it!
  13. I love your bag. How long did you wait for it. LOVE IT LOVE IT
  14. Well done Wafaya, that is absolutely elegant, timeless, classic... may you have many happy experiences together!
  15. Congrats!!! So pretty!!! :yahoo: