my little purse collection

  1. [​IMG]

    i love them all. :heart: :love: :love: :love:
  2. Not so little "little" collection. I love how you have matching wallets for all of your purses.
  3. Not really little collection, I love it! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Nothing "little" about it!!! LOVE your collection! Thank you for sharing.:flowers:
  5. Very nice! :love: Excellent variety. Thanks for sharing!!
  6. Wow! Nice wallet & purse collection! Thanks for sharing.
  7. i like the Priscilla!

    just out of curiosity, do you really use a matching wallet with every bag? doesn't it get a little tedious having to transfer everything from one wallet to the other?
  8. Nice "little":huh: collection!:love:
  9. cuteness!
  10. Great collection!
    Thanks for sharing!!!
  11. Priscilla!!! I am crazy for that bag, it's so pretty IRL & so feminin :heart:
  12. thank you, i love the priscilla once i saw it.

    yes i do use the matching wallet every time i change purse.

    yes it's get tedious tranfer everything from one wallet to the other, but i need it to match so i do it everytime i change bag.
  13. thankx everybody for the compliment.
  14. Beautiful collection, I love every single one. What is that blue tote next to the D&B?
  15. Wow! I love your collection.
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