My little purchase over the week-end

  1. Hi guys, I love watching all the gorgeous reveals. Mine is only tiny but I bought this reversible belt trying to beat the price increase but it had already gone up. It was $795 australian dollars. I also decided to buy a gold buckle from luxury-zurich (it is on it's way to me) and this little cadena arrived from the UK, I bought it on eBay. I don't know why as I seem to be a million years away from buying a kelly or birkin, but I love horses so decided he would be cute if I EVER get a bag.
    H belt.jpg H belt 2.jpg Cadena.jpg
  2. Lovely choices! My favorite cadena ever and that belt is so versatile, enjoy!!
  3. Oh, those are great H items!! Lovely! Congratulations and enjoy!!
  4. Suzie, love the belt. LZ has some cute buckles, can't wait to see which one you picked. Love the pegasus cadena,too. You'll have your bag in no time, now that you have a cadena to encourage you!
  5. Thanks ladies and Flora it is the same buckle, just gold plated.
  6. Suzie, Congrats! Love the belt and
    pegasus cadena. :smile:
  7. Great H treats, Suzie! Congrats!
  8. Great purchases, and you can wear the cadena on a chain or leather strand as a necklace!
  9. Suzie congrats :tup: love them!!!
  10. Great idea,thanks!!!
  11. love the belt and the cadena :love: great choices Suzie! you got me thinking...;)
  12. Good choices! Yes, the cadena would make a good pendant.

    Go rox_rocks!
  13. Suzie! I have been eyeballing that exact belt! Gorgeous I must say. I adore the pegasus as well, I had one on my Kelly. Congratulations on your new purchases..I love them both!:love:
  14. Great goodies. Congratulations!! I love your cadena. :smile:
  15. Wonderful selections Suzie. Enjoy them:heart: