My Little Present for myself tis Xmas!

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  1. Spent a whirlwind 2D/1N in Paris on Fri/Sat, and I've got some goodies to show! Didn't buy any LV bags, but scored some accessories and THIS!! :yahoo: :graucho:

    Early X'mas for me!;)

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  2. you certainly scored!
  3. Adorable! Love that little umbrella!:shame: Congrats and a Merry Christmas to you!
  4. so adorable!!!! congrats!
  5. congrats
  6. Beautiful...congrats!!
  7. Congrats.
  8. It's so cute...!
  9. how darling good for you congrats
  10. That's simply beautiful! Congrats!
  11. so cute!
  12. cute!
  13. adorable!! Have fun with it!
  14. Congrats!
  15. congrats!