My Little Précieux LV Collection

  1. Hello everyone!

    The collection started end 2006. I've not looked back since! :yahoo:

    Here are my babies! The Mahina being the smooshiest and the youngest! :shame:
  2. Love your bags!!!
  3. I love that Mahina. :heart:
  4. I don't know much about LV although I think all of the bags are gorgeous, but that Mahina is exceptional! Soo pretty! :smile:
  5. all your bags are amazing!
  6. Great collection- love the Tobago carryall!
  7. Ooh pretty! Is that the french purse in epi ivoire I see? I love LVs french purses!
  8. that mahina and carryall is tdf!!
  9. Love your Mahina! Congratulations!
  10. YES IT IS!!! hee i got it as my birthday pressie last year! woo hoo!

    ALL - thanks thanks! the mahina is AWESOME!
  11. Great bags!!
  12. I LOVE the Mahina and the Wapity. Great collection, the Keepall is a gorgeous color too!
  13. I've always wanted a tobago leather bag.. lovely collection !
  14. Awesome collection ... I love the mahina, I have it in black and I can't stop touching it! Thank you for sharing!
  15. MAHINA!!!! *faints*