my little prada collection (first prada-post)

  1. hey prada-lovers,

    i never posted before in this subforum, usually i hang around at LV :p but prada is actually one of my favourite designer brands!

    all the prada stuff i got is very "useful" and i use it everyday...

    i have a red make-up trousse, which i bought about 6 years ago in italy and since then carry it everyday in my purse!
    then the matching keyholder....

    a sporty wallet which i used about 5 years - it looks like that...

    and then the heart of my collection:

    my very brandnew SUNGLASSES!!!!! :supacool:

    and my new two glasses, especially the one with the stars is a masterpiece IMO!

    so sorry no bags, but some beloved accessoires, hope you enjoy!
    motorcyclegirl_prada_collection.JPG motorcyclegirl_prada_sunnies.JPG picture 002.jpg
  2. Love those glasses! Thanx for sharing!! :p
  3. Yes, the glasses are stunning!
  4. we [almost] have the same glasses! ;)
  5. Everything is gorgeous and I love those sunglasses! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Very nice collection. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Nice collection!
  8. Nice accessories! I especially like the glasses with the stars.
  9. Nice collection!
  10. Great collection i love them all.
  11. The sunglasses are gorgeous!
  12. cutie! nice collection :smile: