my little pinks!!!

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  1. :heart: so in love with my this 2 purchases. i bought the LaMour Nokia pink and a matching pink phone Strap...dont u think they meant for each other?? eheheh:yahoo:
    lvstrap1.JPG lvstrap2.JPG
  2. sooo pretty! i saw that phone strap at my lv this morning. congrats (both on the phone and the strap!).
  3. Aww how cute-congrats!
  4. Congrats! Very cute!
  5. very cute!! I want that strap too!! congrats! what's the retail on the strap?? TIA!!
  6. How cute! Congrats =)
  7. thanx!!!i'm so in lurveee all!! and i bought my new sony T10 in pink too!!!:balloon:
  8. soo cute :smile:
  9. So so cute, I really want one too!
  10. Ooooh!! bb10lue has the same phone + strap combo and I have the same phone! I loveee the L'Amour phones! :biggrin:
  11. So pretty!
    i was thinking of getting it for myself.. however found the price too steep for a handphone charm. Perhaps its becos i'm in Singapore? the price is SGD 385 which work out to about USD 250?? what your gals think?
  12. Really cute! Congrats!
  13. Cute* congrats!
  14. Grats! I LOVE nokia and LV ^^, they are meant to be!
  15. Congrats! Love:heart: pink.:love: