My little piece of sunshine - instant reveal!

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  1. I bought this beautiful pendant today, swapped from a DBTY - this is a combined birthday present and reward for an incredibly stressful few months - to myself! :biggrin:

    First up, a blue box...

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  2. Tiffany Sparklers pendant in citrine and yellow gold!

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  3. A modelling pic - although no photos do this gorgeous pendant justice!

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  4. So pretty! LIke a little ray of sunshine!
  5. gorgeous!!! I love the new sparklers design!
  6. Thanks, it really is! Makes me happy just to look at it, love the combo with the yellow gold too :smile:

    Thanks Candice! :smile: Am I right in thinking you have the sparklers ring in citrine? I wanted to try that on today but they didn't have my size available :sad: I love the praseolite and amethyst versions too, all so pretty!
  7. Thats lovely. Enjoy!
  8. Wow! Awesome :smile:
  9. That is beautiful! Citrine is my son's birthstone and i have this on my wish list. I bet this is even more gorgeous in person. Congrats on a lovely purchase!
  10. Gorgeous necklace! Congratulations!
  11. Love the yellow on YG. Congrats, it looks so beautiful on you.
  12. Fabulous and fun!
    Good for you...enjoy!
  13. I love it!
  14. beautiful! congrats :smile:
  15. Thanks! :smile:

    Thanks so much :smile:

    Thanks for your lovely comment! Citrine is such a beautiful stone and it would be so special with it being your son's birthstone. I had been considering an unbranded citrine pendant but paying the extra for Tiffany's was definitely worth it IMO, the citrine is just so beautifully cut and sparkly :biggrin:

    Thanks! :smile:

    Thanks, MatAllston - it really does feel like a little piece of liquid :sunshine: on my neck!