my little PCE

  1. So for PCE I didn't purchase much, because I'm still hoping to find an ALI at an outlet, but to make myself feel better I got a few little things over the weekend. I got the "B" charm, the "S" charm (my boy's initials) and the tattersall wristlet. It is so cute, I love it. I'll have to post pics later tonight when I have more time, just wanted to share.
  2. I love the initial charms! And the tattersall is so pretty! Congrats on your goodies! I hope you get your Ali!
  3. I love the new brass initials, I bought one for my mom (and a wallet for her) at pce but I couldn't wait so I just gave her the initial already :rolleyes:. Good luck finding Ali, that is a great bag.
  4. I love Tattersall! Congrats!
  5. Sorry it took so long for the pic. I am LOVING the tattersall wristlet. It is sooo cute! And of course my 3 year old had to grab the letter charms with Doritos on his fingers, but anyway, they're cute too!
    DSC00112 (Small).JPG