My little Paris shopping spree

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I just came back from Paris and had a fairly fruitful spree at the Mothership (although I was unable to find the evening bag that I had my eye on.)

    My SA was wonderful and spent a lot of time with me and had no problem showing me whatever I wanted. She took the time to explain about leathers and I was able to place an order as well. I visited the shop quite often and on one of those days they had a delivery of about eight 30cm birkins, mostly in dark colours like black and brown. They did have one gold and BJ, all in GHW. They were gone in a day, but they had a Havana swift toile combo the next day.

    There were plenty of lindys and bolides on display and on one occassion, the computer showed one and a half pages of 32cm kellys available in the back. They had quite a number of wallets on display, but once again, very few bright colours. My SA had to have a RS chevre Azap Longue brought in for me from another shop in France and it was beautiful! I ended up buying a smaller wallet though.

    Like someone said before, 24fbg is so busy that it seems to run out out of popular items much faster than the other stores. For example, George V had 4 Kelly pochettes in regular leather on display as well as agendas in rose dragee. But the SAs at the mothership were much friendlier and helpful.

    Something interesting I was told by another SA (mine left for vacation) was that there was a limit of 2 birkins a year, one for each season and even though DH was there with me, we could not buy another one this time.

    And just in case someone is interested, the price on the mousseline scarf was 479Euros in Paris, but 422Euros at CDG airport. Similarly, the Twilly was 86Euros vs 76Euros.

    PARIS07 001.jpg PARIS07 005.jpg PARIS07 010.jpg PARIS07 012.jpg
  2. Wow!! Looks like it was a huge success!! Can we please have details??!! Congrats...
  3. wow, I am drooling over those orange boxes.. seems like you had such a successful visit.. hehe, congrats..
  4. Congratulations! Beautiful items!
  5. Oh, I wish I knew the exact names of my purchases, I'm so bad with that.

    The birkin is a 30cm Chocolate togo with GH. The wallet is a RS Bearn compact maybe? The mousseline scarf has drawings of horses on it the twilly is I believe Les Cles?

    I'm so sorry to sound so dumb, I just bought what I liked ... I really need to spend more time on this forum.
  6. Congrats!! Love your Chocolate with GH! What was your earlier birkin buy?
  7. ^^^Congratulations!! Love everything you bought! Sounds like such a WONDERFUL trip you had there, and they are so NICE at 24FSH :yes:
  8. Gorgeous! What a great way to remember your trip.
  9. Congrats on the magnificent haul!
  10. Each and every new baby is gorgeous! I particulary like the contrast of the chocolate agains the fuchsia on the scarf and wallet. Great purchases, congrats!
  11. What beautiful choices, WP!! Congratulations. Everything is so lovely, what a fantastic family photo they make together!
  12. Absolutely gorgeous all of it, congratulations!! I just love the chocolate/GH combo, it's beautiful and I'm glad you had a great time.
  13. :heart: Little Paris Shopping Sprees!!! Your New Birkin Is Magnificent!!! Gorgeous Bearn & Magnificent Scarves....You Did Fabulous!!!;)
  14. so glad you had a great time in paris. thanks for sharing your fantastic experience and lovely purchases. love the 30cm size and RS bearn compact are awesome. what did you end up ordering?
  15. omg! what lovely eye candy. i adore your finds... so scrumptious! congrats.