MY little outing at Hermes....

  1. towards the end of the day I got all spruced up...

    and left looking like this.

    manolo crocs shoes
    CDC Hermes orange croc
    Dries Van Noten Top
    36cm HAC vache natural (finally can carry it...its been raining like CRAZY and I am STILL scared of something happening).
    DSCF4257.jpg DSCF4258.jpg
  2. came back with this bag....I haven't gotten a bag this big since my 35cm birkin.
  3. little preview...
  4. okay I gotta go steam my dress for tonight.
  5. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE your look! SOOO CHIC!!!!
  6. Please Open The Boxes ASAP!!!!!!!!
  7. Looks like a whole load of china to me :roflmfao:
  8. no fair gg!!! Spill please!! Love the look btw...
  9. ok, i really need to go to sleep now. 12.25 am. so i guess im not gonna see whats inside those boxes until tomorrow
  10. omg guccigal you got me all excited. Do unveil asap please!
  11. okay here they come...
  12. tada!
    tea.jpg tea1.jpg
  13. gorgeous gg!! Congrats!! Now it's tea-time at gg's house!!!

    BTW, is that the 2 or 6 cup pot?
  14. What a beautiful tea set. Congratulations.
  15. I think its the 12!

    I don't know though the 2 was just really small for me....but I couldn't tell if it was the 6 or 12 I think 12!