My "little ones"...

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  1. Here are my gals! My collection is a bit small, but growing! (I don't know if that's good or bad! :lol: ) Especially since I just acquired the first three in the last month and a half!! But I absolutely love, love, love :love: them! I just want to take out the Chanel and stare at it for a couple of hours! Not even use, just stare! Is that bad? :lol:


    By the way, did I mention that I love :love: them? :biggrin:
    Picture 037.jpg Picture 036.jpg Picture 035.jpg Picture 034.jpg Picture 032.jpg
  2. Your collection might be small but it packs a punch!!! You have some very impressive handbags! Love the Chanel and the McQeen! Thanks for posting pics!
  3. No thats not bad at all. As a matter of fact I am dong the same thing with the Manhattan pm I just got this past christmas. How do you like your spy? And is it worth the purchase price? I want one myself
  4. Love your 2.55, and the novak, awesome collection. It's very exclusive ! ;)
  5. LOVE THE LV! Thanks heaps for sharing!
  6. I absolutely love my spy. I holds so much! I think the $2k price tag is a bit steep, but I just think of the number of times I will use it, and have. So, if you think about it, it could possibly even out in the end. At least that what I keep telling myself! :lol:
  7. lovely collection. i especially love the louie
  8. Nice collection.... :smile:
    I :love: this one. What bag is it...

  9. Love the Chanel!
  10. Lovely collection! I love the color of the Novak (that is the Novak, right?). It's beautiful!
  11. I love your Chanel!!! What a great color... attention-grabbing yet versatile.
  12. Love your collection! :love:
  13. Lovely!! and great collections. Thanks for posting pictures! Love the Chanel and the Spy!!
  14. i LOVE the chanel!! you're novak is stunning too. great collection!
  15. Nice collection! You already have most of the bags on my wish list. :nuts:
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