My little ones !!!

  1. Here are pics of my 2 chihuahua. Blu is almost 4 years old and Neeki will be 1 year this summer.

    of Blu and neeki (this is when we first got Neeki)


    Here with Neeki

  2. OMG Adorable! Neeki's ears are soooooo cute!! He looks like a teeny tiny lab.

    Thanks for posting pics!
  3. awww precious!
  4. more pics!!! too cute!!!
  5. Oh dear...they are sooooo cute!!
  6. So tiny....but adorable!!!

  7. Holy CUTENESS!!!!

    Your little ones are adorable!

    Thank you for sharing these pictures--feel free to post more!
  8. Awww.... I love the pictures!! Chihuahua's just steal my heart:love:
  9. Darling doggies!!! Thanks for sharing.:yes:
  10. They are so cute!
  11. They are the sweetest lookin pups ever!
  12. I love them. Adorable.
  13. So cute! I'd love to have little doggies. Huge mastiff and fat golden retriever in my house. I wish I'd gotten westies! lol

    They're gorgeous!
  14. Very cute!
  15. soooooooooooo very cute!