My little Noah's ark

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  1. Finally a picture of my two by two Chanel collection. Notice that two are conspicuously absent--the two vintage ligne bags. I did decide to trade my gray for a black so I should have that next week and my burgandy is on the way...

    I'd love your ideas on what you think is needed to further the collection. I am easily influenced!;)
  2. Oh, I should say that the bags are (from top) cambon multipocket (black and tan), cambon large tote (same), coin purse (black and tan), and chain handbag (butterscotch and black) and the little black lambskin with lots of silver chains hanging from it (my little rocker bag). Vintage lignes coming!!
  3. your collection is FAB!!! You don't NEED anything else!

    If you were going to add, I'd add a white or a red bag! :yes:
    Maybe a Flap or Luxe line{?}
  4. You're a lot like me in that you gravitate toward the same colors and styles. I need to take risks and branch out - try something different. I've been wearing my hair the same way for years too so boring is my middle name, LOL!

    Your collection is awesome nonetheless! I'm completely envious. :biggrin:
  5. I love your collection! I see that you are a big bag type of person, so I will recommend a tote from the luxury line! I just got mine, and I think you will love it!
  6. Gorgeous bags!
  7. So pretty. I'm jealous.
  8. I love that butterscotch shopper tote! That color seems so fun and versatile. Your collection is so great:tender:
  9. very, very, VERY Nice!!!
  10. So pretty so beautiful! I love Chanel! Once I start working, I will buy so many purses! Anyways I love your colection already, maybe add a red one?
  11. Great collection! What an inspiration to buy Chanel!
  12. Hi all,
    Thanks so much for your thoughts!! I do think that I need to add a white or ivory bag but I don't know which one...thoughts on style would be appreciated. And I do agree that I need something in the red family--I am not a bright red kind of person but I think a burgandy would be nice...I've asked for your opinions in a second thread!:heart:
  13. this one in white would be swanky!!!

    I'm praying they don't have this tomorrow when I pick up my shopping tote. . . or I may change my mind!
    Chanel Look.jpg
  14. WOW! What a gorgeous collection!!!!

  15. ^^Swanky--for some reason I can't click on the pic to enlarge it.

    They look GORGEOUS though. I wanna see a close up :nuts: