My little new precious is here!!!!

  1. I'm was still sleeping and........... the postman came... at 9.30AM..

    I couldnt go back to sleep anymore!! OMG!!!
    mykirsten2.jpg mykirsten3.jpg mykirsten4.jpg
  2. Come on....what is it? =)
  3. Hey, waiting here .......
  4. P.S: I opened the box before I remembered to take the photos.. I quickly packed it back and grab my camera. LOL :yahoo:

    OMG OMG. I love this bag before I got it but when I got it, I want to die!!! It's sooooo beautiful.:heart: :heart:

    :wlae: :wlae:
    mykirsten5watermark.jpg mykirsten6watermark.jpg
  5. Grrr!
  6. I'm gonna bring her down to Louis Vuitton today and put myself on waitlist for the golden kirsten!!! *excited*

    And ya, there's still a waitlist in Singapore. Stocks are still coming in.
  7. Congrats ... she is beautiful:heart:
  8. Thank you!! ;)
  9. the kirsten is gorgeous! congrats to you!!
  10. Very pretty. Congrats!
  11. pretty! congrats
  12. very nice...congrats!!!
  13. Congrats! It's SO beautiful!
  14. Beautiful! Congrats!
  15. Thanks all!!!

    Will take a picture with her when I'm going out later.
    Will post it up ^.^