my little MURAKAMI boy!

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  1. so unfortunately my little boo didnt come with us to the exhibit today, BUT i just had to buy him a souvenier (the shirt)!

    this is the ONLY time i let him touch my bags, only for the pic..i woudlnt want to teach him the wrongway :nogood:! cute is he? dont you just want to squeeze his cheeks =)

    boo 003.JPG
  2. Omg he is cute, how old is he. :smile:
  3. hes almost 15 months!
  4. Adorable ! :love:

  5. Yes, I want to squeeze his cheeks. How cute is he?? -- infinitely cute. You're very lucky to have such a cute little bebe!!
  6. Cuuuuuuute
  7. Oh how cute!!!!! I just want to gobble him up! Those cheeks-ooh just want to mush him up!!! The shirt looks good on him. You may not let him touch your bags, but at least you're teaching him to respect Mommy's bags!!
  8. how cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and i LOVE his t-shirt....i love the artist, Yoshimoto Nara....i watched documentary once when i was visiting my parents in japan.....he's one of my favorite kaikai kiki artist!!!
  9. ^^ intresting! i was wondering about that drawing because i didnt think it looked like takashi's normal characters..
  10. aw how adorable!!!
  11. he is so cute!
  12. Aw too cute and I love the color combo of your bag!
  13. cute!
  14. Awww, he is just too adorable. :tender:

    I :heart: the shirt too.
  15. Oh, isn't he the sweetest! :tender: Love your Murakami!