My little monkey

  1. This is my 4 year old monkey.
    He's actually a super large chihuahua, believe it or not. I bought him a few months ago. He has so much character. I love him so much.


  2. Aw, Monkey is darling! What a pretty boy!
  3. He's not very photogenic. He's super cute in person, but kind of fat!
  4. Awww Cute!!
  5. Awww, cute and lazy, eh? :p My Chi is a master at napping... Some days I think he sleeps 20 out of 24 hours! He does have those spurts of craziness but for the most part he's a bum! Is that how Monkey is? BTW, the name cracks me up because we call our German Shepherd 'Manto Monkey'! LOL
  6. so adorable!!!
  7. He is so cute! My male Chi is big too...hes about 8 lbs, should be 7 or so! Ooops! LOL