My "little" LV lovers

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  1. I just had to share this with you all. My girls (6yrs & 2yrs old) were playing around with my mini lin speedy the other afternoon and I was able to get a few shots...
  2. Awww.... sooo cute!!!!
  3. They are both gorgeous!!!
  4. Your kids are adorable and the Mini Lin looks great!
  5. Adorable models! Hope you pay them well! :angel:

    Honestly... Your daughters are too cute!
  6. LOL they are trying to take the LV ad campaign away from Scarlett Johanssen!!!

    Sooo cute!
  7. the bag looks like keepall 45 on them...^^it's cute.
  8. Cute~!
  9. fashionable young ladies! good taste young!
  10. Awww so cute. :yes:
  11. Aww that's adorable!!!
  12. SOO adorable.. they are the cutest LV models! :yes:
  13. They are both such pretty girls. :smile:
  14. They're so cute:love:
    Thanks for sharing :flowers:
  15. Your kids are adorable!