My little Lilly walks around and relaxes with her LV tag in her mouth (pics)

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  1. Its really funny....she walks around with the tag in her mouth like its a ciggerette or always makes me laugh! Thought I would share!
    Lilly and Violet 009.jpg Lilly and Violet 008.jpg
  2. AWWWW that's so cute!
  3. Haha awww. Have I ever told you you're one of my favorite members on this board? If not, I figured this'd be a great time to tell ya. Your posts are always so well rounded and cute. Even your comments to not-friendly-posts are either warranted or seeminly well thought out. You're a cutie :P
  4. WOW your dog is sooooooooo beautiful, what breed is it ?
  5. cute!
  6. She's so lovely!!!!
    so cute with the tag in her mouth!!!
  7. She's a cutie :love: Great pics. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Your dog is sooooo cute!!! :P
  9. Oh my DOG! You're puppy has gorgeous eyes! Is he/she a mini-pin?

  10. Aww so cute! :biggrin:
  11. that's sooo cute!
  12. Aww..sooo adorable!!!!
  13. That's adorable!
  14. awww... Sunshine you pochy is so cute!
  15. Soooo cute!!