My little l'aimable dinner bags

  1. I love these bags! They are great for nights out and I love to take them when I travel, because they are so well made, I don't have to baby them too much.

    Here they are in black and LE silver!:heart:

  2. Saaahweeet! I love those :love:
  3. how cute!!!
  4. the silver is precious!!! Great Bags:yes:
  5. Love the silver!
  6. I LoVe them:heart: :heart: :heart:
  7. gorgeous pair!!
  8. very pretty! congrats!
  9. Gorgeous, I especially love the silver:heart:
  10. stunning :drool:
  11. they are so beautiful!! esp the silver!
  12. I :heart: those bags! I would gladly take those off your hands :graucho:...gorgeous!
  13. beautiful BAGS!
  14. Those are too cute. I have never seen them before. WOW!
  15. jaw is still on the floor over that gorgeous silver one!!!!!
    Hang onto that baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!