My little Hermès Collection (lots of pics) & a Brief Intro

  1. I first ventured into the Hermès subforum out of curiousity the summer of 2008. Other than seeing pictures online of the famous Birkin, I didn't know alot about the label. After lurking and seeing all the fabulous member reveals, I knew I wanted to see what the quality was like myself ... I was determined to add a Hermès bag to my collection!

    Unfortunately without a local Hermès in my city I wasn't able to try anything on for size. But when I saw the photo online of a Blue Jean 31cm Bolide ... I was smitten! What a gorgeous blue ... like a beautiful summer day. I figured this was the bag to take me into the world of Hermès.

    Opening that first orange box was so exciting! Lifting off the orange lid, slipping the dustbag off and there it was ... in person ... my own Hermès. I was blown away by the quality ... here was a true luxury bag. The leather was thick, the palladium hardware so shiny and the colour was beyond gorgeous.

    Somewhat now Hermès obsessed, I quickly decided after looking at member's photos that I need a Picotin. Well, unfortunately that bag wasn't for me. I realized that although I loved seeing it on others, the open top just wasn't for me. So off it went to consignment. I followed up that purchase with some small charms and the charm keychain.

    Then I found the Lindy. At first when I saw the bag in photos I wasn't sure ... it looks rather odd with the handles off to the sides. But it grew on me ... the more and more I saw photos (especially the modeling shots), the more I started to fall in love with it. When I saw a 30cm Raisin Lindy in Togo, I knew it had to be mine! And purple ... purple is my favourite colour! It was truly meant to be. I put the bag on layaway, sold off some of my other bags and just the other day she came home to me! I have to say I love this bag. So functional with the different ways it can be worn and very unique.

    Of course I would love to add a Birkin to the mix, but I think that purchase is a dream for another day! So for now, I am content with my small Hermès collection that hopefully one day will grow.

    But enough about the chit chat ... here is the Bolide and the Lindy. Photos of the charms to follow. :smile:





    Bolide Front.jpg Bolide Side.jpg Lindy Front.jpg Lindy Side.jpg Hermes Bags.jpg
  2. Here are my few charms ...

    Turquoise Elephant


    Lady Bug


    Lucky Clover




    Charms Keychain in Ruthenium

    HermesElephantCharm.jpg HermesLadyBugCharm.jpg HermesLuckyCharm.jpg HermesPumpkin.jpg HermesKeyChain.jpg
  3. what gorgeous happy colors! will there be modeling shots???? please!
  4. LOL! Curiosity is a dangerous thing ... :rolleyes:

    Indeed the FIRST Orange box opening is always the most memorable.

    Welcome to the Orange Side, and like many of us, the H obsession never dies :graucho:.

    Congratulations on your H collection. :yahoo:
  5. You have a beautiful collection!!! Looking forward to seeing your action shots too!!
  6. I love the colors you've chosen, Moonstarr. I have the same Bolide, and love it. Enjoy!

    Cavalier Girl
  7. Lovely bags, Moonstar! And, I am intrigued by the last "charm bracelet" you have. I have seen this in the store in a silver tone and love the fact that it is very lightweight. I am thinking to purchase it, just for it's cuteness factor. But, is it a charm bracelet to hook on your bag or for the wrist? And, do you think it will scratch very easily if worn on the wrist as it clanks around and hits the desk, the keyboard, etc. Any info is appreciated!
  8. Welcome to the ORANGE side Moonstarr!! May there be more orange boxes to come!

    Twill Seeker, the Broloque charm is most often seen on the bag or used as an extension to the Kelly shoulder straps. You could certainly wear it as a bracelet on the wrist. As they are either palladium/gold/ruthenium plated (like the hardware on the bags), it would definitely get scratched. I guess that just adds character to it?
  9. Lovely!
  10. Yummy colors! Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection with us!:tup:
  11. I love your collection :nuts: Congrats :heart:
  12. Moonstar, your collection is fabulous! YOur BJ Bolide is stunning! I am not a purple person but your bicolor Lindy is gorgeous! I hope to add a Prune one to my collection some day. Thank you for sharing!
  13. What great stuff you've chosen! I love BJ and raisin and you have two terrific smooshy bags!
  14. Ms. Piggy, thanks for the info and for identifying the name of the "Broloque" charm bracelet for me. Any idea of it's price?
  15. Beautiful collection! I know I speak for everyone when I say we look forward to watching it grow!

    You have two of the most useful and versatile bags ever made!