My Little Heritage Goodies

  1. Hey everyone! I just received my two heritage stripe goodies in khaki/pink from fedex! I needed a small bag cause I have too many big bags and i just HAD to own something from the heritage stripe line in pink. So i decided on the demi and the mini skinny. I'm very happy and pleased with it. My family loves it. So I'm more happy they love it too. Everytime I use my big bags I end up filling it up with items i don't really need. So having this small bag is perfect for me. Well enjoy the pics. Oh and the strap drop is about 7-7 1/2 inches. It's 198 and the style no. is 11562. Measurements on the catalog says 10L x 5h x 3w. I got these during PCE so i got cheaper ofcourse. Also the mini skinny is a tiny bit bigger than the rest of the mini skinnies. It's 5 x 3 and the style no. is 41157 $48.

    *i went crazy on taking pics so don't mind the many pictures! hehe.:p
    carolsbag.jpg carolsbag2.jpg carolsbag3.jpg carolsbag4.jpg carolsbag5.jpg
  2. Here's more
    carolsbag6.jpg carolsbag7.jpg carolsbag8.jpg
  3. Wow! That is so cute! Congrats
  4. The mini skinny...
    1miniskinny.jpg 2miniskinny.jpg 3miniskinny.jpg 4miniskinny.jpg
  5. Very Cute!!! I wasn't keep on the other colors but for some reason the Pink one is calling my name! Congrats on the new bag!
  6. My brother and sis wanted to be my models hehe.
    sibs.jpg sibs3.jpg sibs2.jpg
  7. :ty:
  8. These are cute! How about a modeling pic on you? It cracks me up to see a modeling pic on a buff guy with this pink bag!
  9. Haha i know my brother is such a dork! He was willing to do it! I'll do a model pic on me when I'm out of my jammies hehe.
  10. CUTE stuff!! I love it!
  11. What other colors does the Heritage Stripe Mini Skinny come in? I am thinking about getting one in the brown color! :biggrin:

    Congrats on the two new cute items! :biggrin:
  12. yes, modeling pic please! GREAT bag!!!!
  13. mini skinny comes in khaki and white/pink/grass/brown/geranium
  14. So pretty congrat's.
  15. Cuuuuute! I love it! Your little sister is adorable! And your brother can model your purses anytime:graucho:

    But we wanna see you with it! Congrats on the purchase!