My little Gucci fam. Show me yours!

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  1. 0E27C9D7-434E-4A7B-A5AF-D4993ECF4828.jpeg Just wanted to share! Feel free to show me yours!
  2. It’s beautiful
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  3. Thank you!:heart:
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  4. Nice!
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  5. Thanks! :heart:
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  6. Beautiful bags!
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  7. Beautiful !
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  8. Thanks friend!:heart:
  9. Thanks dear!!:heart:
  10. Love OPs bags! Been wishing for a Marmont flap!

    I've sold nearly all of my Gucci bags , I'm only left with a vintage coated canvas camera bag . I just bought a vintage Gucci accessories collection 2 way clutch and handbag as a present for a family member . It has white canvas instead of the signature canvas. I thought that was unique!

    Remaining - vintage coated canvas camera bag

    In possession of (until I give the gift) - vintage Gucci accessories collection with the white canvas 2 way clutch bag with white canvas f30ded7c-20f0-4827-949b-1669a22bf0b4.png 163572ba-788f-42dd-aba0-d409b077d3e8.png

    Sold - vintage White Jackie hobo with strap extension (can wear shoulder or use the extension and wear it crossbody), blue shoulder bag and canvas business breifcase bag
  11. I got my Marmont Flap from Fashionphile for a decent price and excellent condition.

    I really love the briefcase. It has a 70s boss vibe!
  12. Mine is an only child :lol: I almost sold her but then decided to keep her and now I want to buy the nude Marmont flap in either the mini or super mini size. Love yours!

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  13. Love your only child! If you want the nude you can find a killer deal preloved!
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  14. My lil Gucci family!!!

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  15. Lovely fam!!!:heart:
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