my little gucci accessoires *pic*

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  1. as i took pictures i just wanted to share my little gucci collection...

    i use the agenda i bought in italy now for over 5 years everyday - the leather is still in its best condition! very durable and good quality - i can only recommend a gucci agenda!

    a little leather belt with the GG bucklet...use it for going out @night...

    and some nice gucci sunnies ... i do also love their glasses!!!:supacool:

    thanks for letting me share!
  2. Cute collection!! Are you going to Miami?? I just got back from there and if you're going you have to check out Gucci at Bal Harbour...they have great accessories...I just got their new silver (chrome, really)'s gorgeous.
  3. thanks - yes i'm going in march for the 3rd time, i know bal harbour - amazing!
  4. Nice collection
  5. nice collection!
  6. loove the belt and the sunglasses! lovely collection!
  7. love all your sunnies
  8. ohhh cute ;) Have you tried Off 5th for sunnies??? OMG they always have gucci ones for SUPER cheap (like 70 bucks!!!) anddddd if u go at the right time they always have these crazy "find your partner" sales -- buy one get the second one half off....thats TWO sunnies for crazy cheap!!!

    I also loveeeeeee gucci braclets :smile: so cute!! im addicted :-P
  9. That's a cute collection!!!
  10. great collection. totally want your buckel shades, gorgeous
  11. Nice collection, congrats!
  12. Cute - and I totally couldn't tell the age of the agenda ! :yes:
  13. Great collection.
  14. cute collection!
  15. i suppose that's the quality you pay for when buying gucci - since 2002 i carry the agenda always with me in my purse, it has my life in it :smile: