My little gripe

  1. I just ordered a vernis pochette cles in amarante from ELux because they have a free shipping promo going on. Since I am suppose to have VIP shopping status with them, free upgraded shipping (for regular shipping cost) is automatic. My little gripe is this: I still have to pay the regular shipping charge. In other words - VIP customers always pay for standard shipping; their free shipping promo doesn't apply. I just had to vent.
  2. have you contacted customer services?
  3. Not understanding your post. Are you saying you are being charged shipping during a free shipping promo? VIP's never got totally free shipping for upgraded shipping method during a free shipping promo - only regular shipping method.
  4. I just ordered there and applied my code WRAP and got to the end and it still had shipping charges, so I called and the lady said that happens just go back and start over and the charge will go away, and it did. You should not pay shipping if you enter WRAP.

    I think that is wrong to do if your a VIP and you pay when everyone gets it for free. I would call.
  5. Their cust. service says "the free shipping promotion only applies for standard shipping method". Since they automatically upgrade VIP cust. shipping, they will charge the standard rate too regardless of the promo going on.
  6. That stinks, I would cancel and have my mom order it LOL I hate paying shipping.
  7. FYI,
    I have always received FREE upgraded shipping (usually receiving within 3 days) during all free ship promotions. No other basic shipping charge. All VIPS at Elux get this. You should too. I think you were helped by an inexperienced sales person there.
  8. Something doesn't sound right, you need to talk to a supervisor about it. You should not have to pay any shipping.
  9. Yup! that's not right! I would call their Cust Serv and tell them that you have been informed by your friends that they have done the same thing, but was not charged for shipping. Even if you have already paid.. they should be able to issue a refund to you for the shipping charges that you had to pay. That's why you have a VIP status.. so you can have those perks that they offer.. I will definitely call them back, if I were you. That $ spent for shipping can be saved for another LV item. ;)
  10. It's true! It has happend to me this week as well. Here is the skinny~

    If you are a VIP~ you get free standard ground shipping. However- as soon as you checkout E-lux immediately upgrades you to priority shipping and you pay for it. The only way to actually get FREE SHIPPING is to call your order in.

    I was pissed because I live so close to the distribution center and usually receive my packages in 2 days. However- because they upgraded me to prioirty (which I am paying for) it won't be here until MOnday (4 days). Pretty confusing Huh?

    I called both fed-x and E-lux and this is what they said.

    Fed-ex has different branches.
    1. Ground: ships tuesday-Sat
    2. Priority: ships M-f ONLY.

    So~ In short, I paid for priority 2 day shipping, got screwed and am recieving the bag in 4 days. If I would have called and cancelled my upgrade and took the gorund shipping~ the bag would be here today (2 days).
    Needless to say.... I am pissed and frustrated.

    The SA said the only way to get around this is to order via phone. Well- I explained that doesn't work when itis a newly relased item and you have to keep tabs on it on elux and keep checking, then get it in your shopping cart etc.....

    Just and FYI.:cursing:
  11. I am a elux VIP and I just placed an order on their site - I did NOT get charged for shipping.
  12. ^^^ So then why did I? and what is the damn difference b/w you and I? not mad at you....just frustrated at the inconsistancies :cursing:
  13. ^ I don't know??? I checked my email confirmation and I was not charged for shipping.

    When I order from elux during a free shipping promo, I enter the code then hit update. I do not change shipping method when I get to the shipping page - I keep it at standard shipping.
  14. Thanks~ as soon as they open today, I am calling to discuss this with them. The VIP's shouldn't be charged for ANY shipping IMO. And they should get the upgrade for free on top of the regular shipping method. ...Thanks for letting me vent. I was already PO because of paying, then having the bag come a lot slower and now this....UGH.
  15. I agree with you - we should get totally free upgraded shipping during a promo. When my box comes, I will see if I can tell what shipping method they used.