My Little Green Family

  1. This is my first family photo post...after being a PFer for more than a year:shame:

    I guess I have a thing for the Balenciaga greens. :p Introducing my '05 Dolma Day, my '04 Mystery Green Makeup Clutch, and my '04 Anis Twiggy. :yahoo:

    I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do! :yes:




  2. You have a great collection of some rare bags. They looks so lovely all laid out together. It's too bad you can't use all of them at once.
  3. They're gorgeous! I love the older have a beautiful collection.:tup:
  4. Such a cute family. It looks like Daddy Day and Mommy Twiggy gave birth to Baby Makeup. :p
  5. gorgeous greens! i have an anis bag too and the leather is incredible! love the mystery green MU too, so cute. all of the older bags have such TDF thick leather - yummy:p
  6. Great Greens they are beautiful.
  7. Lovely bal family, congrats and thanks for posting your pics!!!!!
  8. Enjoy them? Girl, you're my hero! I love anyone who has mystery green, it's the best color ever! All of your bal greens are magnificent, really! Congrats!
    Do you enjoy them all?
  9. Cute Green family.:p Congrats :yahoo:and enjoy them.:wlae:
  10. Pippop! LOVE your collection. Very classy. That makeup :drool:
  11. WOW! You have all 3 highly coveted colors. Dolma is one of my favorites and that Mystery green is just gorgeous! :heart::yahoo:
  12. I certainly do enjoy them all! I've had a few different B-bags that I've sold after I vowed to only keep bags I'm absolutely in :heart:love:heart: with. :yes:

    Thanks to everyone for all your kind and my bags appreciate it! :wlae:

  13. Love the greens. I really want a green bag. An SA at NM told me they can't even get any greens (besides a City) ever since Katie was seen wearing one.
  14. great collection!!!
  15. you have all the gorgeous green colors. love how they are all very different. great collection!