My little goodies from yesterday's EGC at Saks :)

  1. I wanted another wallet and key case to use in my bags and this set caught my eye bc I can use it in any of my bags it's so neutral..the gold is very muted and shimmery and it looks like it will hold up well too. I got the key holder/coin purse free with my card from last month....:graucho:
    Thanks for letting me share!;)
    gold chanel wallet and coin purse.jpg gold chanel wallet open.jpg
  2. Love the color. It will go with so much.
  3. ooh wow.. yah the color is AMAZING!
  4. Mick, very nice!! I really like the color of the key case and wallet.
  5. The key chain/coin holder is super cute. How much was it?
  6. i think $295...

    thank you all for your kind words!:heart:
  7. Ohh.. gorgeous! The colour is TDF!!! :drool:
  8. beautiful Mick, they are a perfect match for your bronze tote! Love it!
  9. What's better than a CHANEL freebie? Congrats!
  10. Very cute! Love the color- Congrats Mick!
  11. Mick-the color is SO you!! Enjoy it...
  12. congrats, great colour.
  13. :yes: ....thanks! you have figured out i :heart: metallics, huh?...hee hee!:p

    thanks everyone else above too!
  14. congratz!! they look so cute together! :love:
  15. so cute ! love it :smile: