My little girl...the philanthropist!!

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  1. I just wanted to brag for just a second about my daughter who is 7 years old. She decided a few days ago that she wanted to have a fundraiser to raise $$$ for kids in orfiniges (her spelling!!!)!! She has named her group (which only consists of her right now, although my son is anxious to help, but she is afraid he will try to keep the money!) Kids For Charity or K.F.C. for short!! She is making fliers and trying to get her school involved, because she says she wants to raise 10 billion dollars to help kids that don't have families!! She says she knows it may take her awhile, "Maybe even a year", but she told me that you also need to have a goal!!!
    I set up an e-mail address for her, so she would feel legit...and she is really excited and into it!!
    A little girl that we knew died a few years ago from cancer when she was seven, and before she died, she raised 1,000,000 for charity. My daughter says that she can do her part also!! She has no idea how much 10 billion dollars is....but I will let you guys know when she reaches her goal!!! Hopefully, computers will not be obsolete then!!!
  2. Awww!!!

    Ya daughter is such a darling! You must be SO proud of her! :love:
  3. Good for her!!!!You should be so proud!
  4. OMG that is so sweet and that says so much about your daughter and how well you have raised her until this point.

    my :welcome: is off to you
  5. What a precious little sweetheart. :heart:
  6. That's so touching! You're right to be proud of her. What a trooper.
  7. Awww, that is so sweet of her! Congrats to you for raising such a selfless daughter!!!
  8. Awwwwwh that's so cute! tpf wishes her good luck!
  9. That's wonderful! :yes:
    How noble and thoughtful of her to commit to a social cause at such an early age!
  10. wow! you should be so proud! great idea considering she's only 7 :idea:
  11. So nice when kids think of others!:smile:
  12. That is soo adorable, you tell her don't give up, she will reach her 10 Billion Dollar goal. I love the name she picked. I can't stop smiling, that is soo cute that she is only 7. You raised a wonderful daughter.
  13. Oh my that is such a sweet girl! That is soooo good of her! She will be blessed!
  14. OMG, What a sweetie!!! You must be so proud of her!!:love:
  15. Wonderful!
    And you need to email the TODAY show!