My little friends enjoyed my little parcel a lot

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  1. I came home a bit early from work today with an evil cold (....and the hope of finding a parcel waiting from Selfridges).

    I am sorry about my dodgy photos but I had a lot of 'help'. Some people think that cameras are fitted with those strappy things for their benefit. I can't think why?

    I swore that I wouldn't buy a coin purse with GH but but naughty Venetia tempted me on a day when I was feeling weak.

    I think that it is actually really pretty!
    RIMG0544_edited-1.jpg RIMG0545_edited-2.jpg RIMG0546_edited-1.jpg RIMG0529_edited-2.jpg RIMG0533_edited-1.jpg
  2. yuuuuuuuuummy!!! :nuts:
  3. wow...that's gorgeous!!! so this is the one venetia was talking about then.
    congrats and enjoy your new lil purse x
  4. Gorgeous, just gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!
  5. How cute! I didn't even know they made the coin purses with the GH.
  6. TOTALLY GORGEOUS!!!! I LOVE it!!!! :love: It's the same exact size as the coin purse RH~ right?
  7. Gorge. I love the silver and purple combination, it's scrummy!
  8. Love it congrats!
  9. I was a coin purse virgin so have nothing to compare it to but I think so. It is quite small.
  10. It's beautiful! Congrats:yahoo:
  11. :heart:
    Oh...I love kitty's!!! And I know what you mean...I can hardly keep my kitty children away when I am trying to take photos, and when I have all my bags out. They think Bal tassels are kitty toy's made just for them!
    Jenova!!! I think you are going to get me in trouble with your pics of this gorgeous CP! I did not know CP's (are they the same size as the RH Coin Purses?) came with GH. I am not a GH gal, but maybe a GH CP would be the perfect GH test for me! Somebody stop me!!!

    :tup:Congratulations, and thanks for sharing her with us!!!:tup:

  12. i can't stop staring - at your cats!! ah, so cute! is the grey one a russian blue?:love: i used to have one and i loved him soooo much
    oh, and your GH mini coin is cute too!:p
  13. congrats! love your coin purse.
  14. Hi Deana

    My Bengal kitten is tassellating my black Work as we speak - the little monster! He is an addict.

    Approx. measurements:

    Height: 4 3/8" (11cm)
    Width: 5 1/2" to 5 3/4" (14-14.5cm)

    I was looking for an RH Violet Coin Purse (impossible in the UK) but am surprised by how much I like the GH version.
  15. Cloud is a Blue Smoke British Shorthair (they are rounder faced and plushier than the Russian Blue). He is like an arrogant little teddy bear. His fur is dark grey on the outside and pale grey tabby underneath.

    Cid, the little spotty horror, is a Bengal. He is an utter nutcase.

    I also have a hairy black moggie called Zack, who is also completely mad.