my little fix...

  1. I havent posted here for a LONG time...but i just wanted to share my little love with you guys :p

    It's my orange coach bracelet!!! i LOVE the color, so funky! It reminded me why i fell in love with coach in the first place, the funky colors!!

    Sorry for the stock photo, but i forgot my camera in az :sad: (along with my :heart:, lol ok that was corny!)

    btw, I had to order this and compared to the one i tried on in the store this one is HUGE on me size wise. I mean i love it because its super comfy, but i didnt kow they came in different sizes!
    orange coach.jpg
  2. Very Pretty! Thanks for sharing. I don't know if they come in different sizes, it's different width's:yes:
  3. thanks! and yeah i know the widths are different..but for some reason the diameter seemed larger!! hehe or i lost weight...and while i would LOVE to think that i KNOW its not true hehe lol!
  4. Great Color
  5. Nice little fix!!
  6. Cute -- congrats!
  7. Super cute bracelet! Congrats!
  8. oo love the color!
  9. Congrats!
  10. thanks guys!! :smile: