My Little Find....

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  1. ^^ Congrats! The link is to a sign-in page. Do you perhaps have a different link? Can't wait to see your new bag.
  2. congrats!!!
  3. [FONT=&quot]I completely understand your feelings of happiness. :yahoo: Enjoy your new bag and don’t miss to post photos when your DH is back.[/FONT]
  4. Thanks beljwl and melora!
  5. Thanks swan1. I know it's not as magestic as some of the other items on the forum, but I've been getting alot of use out of her and it made me happy to find such a good deal:smile:
  6. Congrats on your great deal. I have a similar black Pashmy bag. It's nice and lightweight and holds up well.
  7. WOW! Congrats!!
  8. very nice! one of my favs! congrats!:smile:
  9. Thanks JennyO, Ilvmybags, and sdkitty. I am also enjoying the fact that the bag is black so I don't worry about the nylon getting dirty! I also have a pashmy in the light champagne/gold colour but am afraid to use the bag as often.
  10. Congrats!