my little ferret.

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  1. here it is my little ferret just turned 3 years old
    its so cute..

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  2. So adorable!! I've never seen a ferret in real life. How do they behave? Like dogs or cats?
  3. How cute!!!

    I've always wanted a ferret!
  4. hi i think they behave like both dogs and cats.
    very independent like a cat just need to have his water and food and thats it.
    but it plays like a dog,sometimes a little bit agressive and its possible to teach them some tricks.
    i really love my ferret.
  5. How cute! Is he affectionate?
  6. So cute! Does your ferret have the cute little slinky, humpity looking run? :heart:
  7. Aww, very cute! I've always wanted a ferret.
  8. So cute!!!
  9. Love that little ferret!
  10. Aww, soooo.. cute!!